SEW | Jedediah Shorts by Thread Theory

     We own several of Thread Theory‘s menswear patterns and they are simply the best! We LOVE Thread Theory! 🙂 Their patterns are printed on recycled kraft papers and are biodegradable. The sewing instructions are VERY detailed and they have sew-along blogs on their website with video’s explaining the whole process…from the proper fitting to the pesky origami involved in sewing a zipper.  As a novice and new sewist, I really appreciate the details without which I would not have been able to sew these shorts for Mr.


the Pattern

the good.

  • We bought the printed copy and it came in a recycled kraft cardboard sleeve with a hefty instruction booklet and pattern tissues. The tissues were recycled kraft as well and the whole package is completely biodegradable.
  • Again, I REALLY appreciate the detailed instructions in the booklet. I also heavily referenced their sew-along + videos for a visual guide to sewing this pair.  Meredith also mentions on her blog that we are free to email her questions if help is needed or join her facebook support group for community support! Love this level of sewing support! 🙂
  • The booklet includes clean + strong seam finishing instructions and tips. There were instructions on how to finish every seam..from bias bound, to flat fell & french seams. The pattern itself has a generous 5/8″ seam allowance.
  • Also included were many little tips to strengthen the garment so it LASTS. For ex: she recommended sewing the seat seam twice-thrice as it is usually a high stress area. When taking the time and effort to sew a garment from scratch these little details go a long way in creating a garment that is strong, holds up to washing and wear and looks just as clean on the inside as outside (no pesky hanging seams).

the bad.

  • People have reported that this particular pattern was created/modeled after Meredith’s partner who is built thin and tall. As such, the fitting it better suited for thinner men. BUT, just as a particular store bought garment does not fit/flatter a variety of body types…with patterns too modifications maybe necessary to get a custom fit. I first sewed a muslin in size 36 (the closest match based on body measurements). They turned out to be a little roomy at the waistband and way to tight near the crotch/seat. After looking up blog posts re: this issue on her sew-along, I went with grading between sizes. I graded from a size 36 waist up to size 40 near the seat and then back to size 36 for the legs. I further shorted the waistband by 1.5″. And that was a perfect fit! (note: he specifically likes his pants very roomy overall rather than a slim cut). So if the Jedediah does not quite fit right…grade it!


I made this in a lightweight linen/flax fabric naturally dyed with indigo. I lined it entirely with undyed cream flax/linen. All sewing was done using organic cotton (GOTS certified) threads. I finished this pair with a coconut shell button + a 6″ organic cotton brass zipper (that I also naturally dyed with indigo to match). The fabrics were sourced from Maiwa, Vancouver,  the coconut button was thrifted and the organic cotton zipper was sourced from Organic Cotton Plus, USA.



The reinforcements near the pocket and the clean seams on the insides –


He swears that these are are the most comfortable shorts he owns and hints frequently on how this pair is lonely and needs a few more Jedediah shorts to play with. 😀


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